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Jesus and the Homeless Woman

      Hungry, alone, an old bedspread her only protection against the wind, she shivers in the winter cold of the only home she has known for years - the street.  Her hunger and pain are His.  As she suffers so does He.  People ask, "If Jesus loves her so much why doesn't he do something, why leave her like that?"  His answer is "I gave myself for you all.  I gave you each to the other.  I did not leave the few to take care of the many.  You need each other.  Each one of you is a part of the whole with his or her own special gifts.  So many of the gifts are locked away beneath suffering, anger or greed that there is no whole, only fragments.  It is only through knowing me and knowing God the Father as our loving parent that you can live as brothers and sisters, that you can be people who love."  

     I originally did this piece with the idea of donating it to a homeless shelter where it would have a plaque with the quote above on it.  There would then have been information about where one could donate time or money.  By the time it was completed the economy was such that the funds were not available for its casting.  It is in fired terra cotta.


 If you are interested in pricing it in bronze please use the Contact page.

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