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Revelations 12:7

         This piece was done in fulfillment of a personal vision.  Its working title was The war of the spirits, as I had envisioned the spiritual warfare that goes on in Heaven over the salvation of all souls.  In the war for the hearts of men, God’s servants strive to keep the love of Christ Jesus (represented by the Cross) above the din and confusion of this world and in sight of all as they carry it ever forward.  The servants of the evil one (represented by the robed figures) try to push that love back into the confusion, hide it from men’s awareness or attack those who would share it.  In His wisdom and love for us God has allowed His children here on earth to participate in the outcome of each battle through their prayers (represented by the praying hands). 

     I have listed the price on the Bronzes page but this site isn't set up to handle sales with complex shipping options.  Costs are dependent on distance.  We ask that you contact us by email or phone or use the form on the Contact page to inquire about shipping costs for these bronzes.

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