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St Francis

      This piece, along with two other smaller ones, was done as a commission for the Franciscan friars of the St Anthony of Padua province.  The friars were working with a local wine maker producing a number of wines under a Franciscan label.  They had asked me to do a piece to commemorate that collaboration.  They asked for two figures and a theme that would include something about wine..  One figure was, of course, to be St Francis but they couldn't decide who the other was to be.  I had a deadline of Christmas and needed to get to work so I went ahead without knowing the identity of the other person.  I still do not know.  I decided that whoever it was he was discussing wine with St Francis.  There is a large basket of grapes in between them and St Francis has his hand in it pulling up a large bunch.  I believe he is joyfully extolling the virtues of the fruit.  The Friars were pleased and sent the letter that follows. 

         The pictures are of the piece in terra-cotta.  It was a private commission and is not available for sale.

"Dear Scott,

                  Thank you!  Thank you!

                 The sculptures truly capture a special moment - a special relationship - between the DiGrazia family and the Friar's family of St. Anthony of Padua Province.  Through the sculptures expressing a story about the founder of the Friars, St. Francis of Assisi, you have captured, in the eyes of your figures, a bond.

                  It is the hope and prayer of the Friars that the bond deepen.  And, your sculptures stand as a witness to that hope and prayer.

                  Again, thank you!

 Very Reverend Mark L. Curesky, OFM Conv.  Minister Provincial"

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