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Wingfeather Characters

       On this page you will find something new from Scott.  In an attempt to make the art accessible to more people he has started to make some of his work available in polyurethane resin.  These Wingfeather  figures are the first.   Based on the series of books by Andrew Peterson, each one is hand cast by Scott in a mold he made from the original sculpture.  After cleaning and removal of any imperfections each figure is hand colored or a patina is added.  The verdigris color (green) is done by actually coating them with bronze in a liquid suspension.  After two or three coats of the bronze, a chemical is sprayed on which reacts with the metal over a period of 24 to 48 hours creating the green highlights and darkening of the bronze itself.  It is then sealed with an acrylic spray and then a light coat of wax.  The ferric nitrate patina is actually done with coats of acrylic paint and then sealed in the same way.  The figures can be ordered with either patina.   As each one is done by hand no two will be exactly alike.

    The figures of Artham and Peet were created as bookends, as shown, but can be ordered separately.  The Oskar relief can be a wall hanging or placed in a desk stand (not included).  The small piece (not shown in the video) is the original sketch that was done for the Warden and the Wolf King piece which was done for Andrew for his 40th birthday.  It is only available in the patina shown here which is the same as the one Andrew has.  

      All of the castings are now gone and there will be no more made.  The original terra-cotta           sculptures are now available in the store.  They are one of a kind and will be gone soon!




































































Artham and Peet Bookends and Oskar wall hanging by Scott Johnson
Artham and Peet Bookends by Scott Johnson
Warden and wolf king sketch by Scott Johnson

 Available in the Gallery Store.

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